run for cover, my sense of fear is running thin.
Title: King and Lionheart
Artist: Of Monsters And Men
Played: 4189 times

king and lionheart [1/?] | nalaska au

his crown lit up the way as we moved slowly

past the wondering eyes of the ones that were left behind

though far away, we're still the same

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Hazel eyes growing dark and smiled getting twisted up with dark amusement, lust shooting through her veins and she forgot how much her boyfriend can ignite so many feelings within her on just one encounter. An playful step forward, and entwines her fingers into hers, a pull forward as her feet start flying, sneakers hitting puddles and a laugh painted on her lips as raindrops fall on their heads, a tilt of her head back and she drops his hand to bend her arms back, an open embrace. “C’mon Nate we’re dancing in the rain!” A stitch of a smile, and a nod declaring so.


Nathan threw his head back and laughed, amused at his girlfriend’s antics but found them endearing none the less. He would expect nothing less from her. “As you wish, milady.” He said, spinning her around in the rain before pulling the brunette back against his chest. He hummed softly, the tune almost completely drowned out by the sound of falling raindrops as they danced around in the street.



I think I’ve been stood up.


What’s the matter, Iz? Why so blue?

I leave on a simple business trip and the entire district seems to have died.


It makes one wonder what would happen if I had left altogether.


Perhaps everyone made a run for it while things have fallen silent. It’s more than likely a matter of time before hell rains down upon us again.


"Does that mean you need to come stay at mine?" A bite of her lip and a sliding grin as his presence will never be unwelcomed, but the annoyance of her roommates might just interrupt the two.


"Mmm. I’m not sure there’s room in Amelia’s apartment for one more guest, love." He grinned, despite the current downpour of rain that soaked the pair to the bone. He didn’t mind it, really. Not when it caused the fabric of her clothes to cling to her skin, lining out every curve of her figure. 

I’m about to freeze to death.


A lick of lips and a move in closer, fingertips brush against his ribcage and a press of her frame against his, a lean up on her tiptoes to roll her fingers through his hair and a hum leaves her mouth as she tastes the lips of the boy she dreamed about. A slight pull back as the slow grin spreads across her lips, and a teasing push against his chest. “Good.. the day you start being able to resist me, is the day we’re in trouble Hauser. After all, where we would be without my feminine wiles and ability to seduce you?”


Nathan wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her flush against his chest. Never would he tire of holding her in such an embrace, of feeling her warmth against him. He wouldn’t ever loved another like he had always loved her, and he never wanted to. Even if they parted, moved on with their lives away from each other, he knew he’d never feel like this again. And that would be perfectly fine. She was his great love, and there would never be another. “I don’t think you’ll ever have anything to worry about in that regard, my dear.” He murmured against her lips with a smile.

"Of all the nights to lose my bloody key…"

"This was Nathan being brave. Brave and snarky, and that was the way he wanted to go, unafraid and on his feet. Like a warrior. His death song would always be this-jokes and snideness and pretend arrogance, and that look in his eyes that said 'I am better than you'."

Title: Birds of a Feather
Artist: The Civil Wars
Played: 529 times
Where she walks, no flowers bloom
He’s the one I see right through
She’s the absinthe on my lips
The splinter in my fingertips

But who could do without you?